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Station 62 Community Room

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$50.00 per hour

Max Occupancy 36


  1. Chairs
  2. Meeting Rooms
  3. Restrooms
  4. Tables
On October 11, 2017, the Board of Directors of the Chino Valley Fire District adopted Ordinance 2017-02 updating the Master Fee Schedule.  Effective January 1, 2018, a $50 per hour fee will be charged for use of the community room at Chino Valley Fire Station 62 located on Butterfield Ranch Road in Chino Hills.  Non-profit, charitable organizations will be eligible for a fee waiver upon presentation of a valid Internal Revenue Service determination letter or other verifiable evidence of current 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.   Please provide a copy of evidence of your organization’s charitable tax exemption to qualify for waiver consideration.  Room rentals cannot be reserved after January 1, 2018 until proof of charitable tax exempt status has been provided to the District or you have paid the subject fee.  Payments for room rentals are required in advance and will be made exclusively through PayPal.

Exemption letters can be emailed to or faxed to (909) 902-5250, attention Alma Nielsen. If you have already reserved the room for rental after January 1, 2018, please contact Alma directly at (909) 315-8810 or email her if you will be keeping the date or cancelling it.

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