Public Records Request

To submit a Public Records Request, please click on the link to our Records Request Portal.

The District will notify you that the records request has been received and is being processed, and will respond to your Public Records Request within 10 days. A response may include the requested information or a written notice if additional information and/or additional time is required to search for and collect the information being requested, as set forth in the District's Public Records Request Policy.

For further information, please see the District's Public Records Request Policy (PDF).


How do I make a Public Records request?

Please visit the District’s Records Request portal to make your request. 

Who can initiate a Public Records request?

Anyone may initiate a request for public records.

How soon must an agency respond to my request?

An agency receiving a request for documents under the Public Records Act has ten days in which to respond to the request.

How will documents be provided?

Records identified as responsive to your Public Records Act request will be available through the District’s Public Records portal. You will receive a notification when the documents requested are available.

How do I make a Public Records request for a 911 dispatched audio call?

CONFIRE JPA provides dispatch services for the District and therefore is the official custodian of records for 911 calls. You may reach them directly to submit a formal request by mail, or email. Their mailing address is 1743 Miro Way, Rialto, CA,. You can also send your request to