Fireworks Booth Inspections


The sale and private use of fireworks in the City of Chino Hills is strictly prohibited. No fireworks of any kind can be used in the City of Chino Hills and in unincorporated county areas.

Fireworks booth inspection

The Chino Valley Fire District works in cooperation with the City of Chino Hills and the Chino Hills Police Department on fireworks enforcement every year. Members of the Fire Prevention Bureau write citations for anyone found using fireworks within the City of Chino Hills.

Fireworks are prohibited in the City of Chino:

  • South of Pine Ave.
  • East of Euclid Ave. between Merrill Ave. and Kimball Ave. (Including Chino Airport)

No fireworks can be used on school grounds, parking lots, or parks. Safe and Sane Fireworks can be used in all other areas in the City of Chino from July 1 to July 4. Safe and Sane fireworks cannot be altered, thrown, or used outside the city limits.


The Fire District enforces both the City of Chino’s fireworks ordinance and the fireworks requirements of California law. This includes inspections of every fireworks booth in the city, enforcement and prosecution for the use of illegal fireworks, or the misuse of Safe and Sane fireworks.

Each year, Fire Prevention staff inspects a total of 30 fireworks booths in the City of Chino two times per day beginning June 30 through July 5. These inspections are done at no cost to the tax payers. All costs associated with the inspections are paid through fees paid by the fireworks booth operators. These inspections ensure:

  • There is no smoking near fireworks booths
  • That exits are kept clear so workers can escape in the event of an emergency
  • There are no fireworks being sold to youths under 16
  • There are no sources of flame within 25 feet of the booths
  • Other safety laws and regulations

City of Chino Fireworks Ordinance (PDF)

Legal Consequences

The use of illegal fireworks, and the illegal use of Safe and Sane fireworks are misdemeanors and will result in up to a $1,000 fine and up to one year in county jail.

Possession of explosive devices and large quantities of fireworks are felonies and result in fines up to $5,000 and sentencing to state prison.