About Fire Inspections

Fire Inspections are conducted for the safety of occupants and the community. Fire District personnel assist business owners and/or contractors obtain compliance with fire code requirements to protect life and property, and to reduce the risk on an emergency incident.

The Fire District enforces the current adopted edition of the California Fire Code, Fire District Standards, other applicable state codes and local ordinances, as well as applicable NFPA Standards.

Firewoman and worker doing an inspection


The Fire District does charge for inspections conducted by personnel from the Community Risk Reduction Division and for any required fire code operational permit(s).  An invoice is sent to the business after compliance is achieved. Fees are assessed for services provided, in accordance with the California Fire Code and the District's adopted Master Fee Schedule. 

Construction related inspection costs are included in the permit fees.  If additional inspections are conducted, due to negligence or required follow-up, the associated fee(s) are outlined in the District's adopted Master Fee Schedule for said services. View the Master Fee Schedule (PDF).


If your facility would like a fire and life safety inspection, you can contact our office at (909) 902-5280, Option 2 and 1.  An inspection will be coordinated with the area inspector during normal business hours.

Contractors are required to contact our office a minimum of 48 hours prior to the desired date and time of the requested inspection time.  Please note: the 48 hours does not include weekends.  Most projects will have an assigned inspector and the inspections should be scheduled with the assigned inspector.  If you do not know who your project inspector is, please contact us at (909) 902-5280, Option 2 and 1.