Kid's Safety Corner

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Hi kids!

My name is Sparky the Fire Dog and I am visiting the Chino Valley Fire District to help you learn about fire safety. Click on the links below to find fun coloring sheets and safety messages. Have fun and remember, fire safety starts with you!

Home Fire Safety

Striking out fire in your home requires a little homework. Print out the Home Fire Safety Checklist then take about 20 minutes to inspect your home. As you go from room to room, answer the questions on the sheet you printed out. For each question you answer yes to, give yourself a point. When you’re finished, add up the points to find out your score. Be sure to ask a grown-up to help you complete this checklist.

When Fire Strikes: Get out & Stay out!

When fire strikes, remember to get out and stay out. During a fire it is important that you crawl low to the ground while using your escape route. It is safer because heat and smoke rise in a fire. Explore When Fire Strikes: Get out and Stay out!

Fire Safety Tips

When it comes to keeping your home fire safe, there is a lot you can do. When you complete your Fire Safety Tips and Crossword Puzzle print it out and hang it up in a place where everyone can see it so that others can learn about fire safety just like you.

Remember the Steps

Remember the Steps. Have fun with the Remember the Steps Coloring Page. When it comes to exiting your home during a fire, there are five easy steps you can take to keep your family safe.

  • Create a home escape plan by drawing a floor plan of your home showing all windows and doors that can be used as emergency exits.
  • Mark two ways out of each room.
  • Mark all smoke alarms with (SA). Smoke alarms should be on every level of your home and in or near every sleeping area.
  • Pick a family meeting place outside your home where everyone can meet after evacuating (like near your mailbox if it is a good distance away from your home).
  • Remember to practice your plan at least twice a year.

Learn to Stop, Drop and Roll. If your clothes catch fire, do not run. Instead, drop to the ground right away, cover your face with your hands to protect your airway, and roll over and over or back and forth to put out the flames. Cool the burned area with cool water and seek medical attention for serious burns.

Hope you enjoyed visiting the Kid's Safety Corner. Come back and see us again soon. Remember, fire safety starts in the home with you. Practice fire safety everyday and be safe.