Juvenile Fire Setter Program

The Chino Valley Fire District is committed to creating and maintaining a fire safe community. Part of this effort is to educate children who have demonstrated fire-setting behavior. When problems in this area are identified by the police, school officials, parents, etc., the Fire District has a program that helps educate children about the hazards of fire, the consequences of inappropriate actions, and ways to keep themselves out of trouble in the future.


Any juvenile (under the age of 18) who is found to be involved in the illegal setting of a fire will be interviewed by a Fire District investigator. The investigator will determine how best to deal with a given situation within the mandates prescribed by both society and the law after completing the interview process with the juvenile and parent or guardian. All juveniles will be evaluated on a case by case basis utilizing training, experience, common sense, and compassion.

Program Outline

In the assessment phase, the parents or guardians are interviewed about the child's behavior and family background. The child is then interviewed separately. After the interview, the child is required to watch a video about the dangers and consequences of fire setting. The child must answer questions pertaining to the video to ensure key messages were processed and understood. Once the evaluation process is completed and evaluated by the investigator, feedback is given to the parents or guardians and child, including recommendations for fire safety training and/or mental health intervention if deemed necessary.

The child also is given a homework assignment designed to further educate him/her about fire safety and the dangers of starting fires. The child will present his/her findings at a subsequent meeting with investigators.

If you have any information about a juvenile setting fires, questions, or need advice about how to deal with a juvenile fire setter, contact the Fire District at 909-902-5260.