Fire Safe Council


  • When: The first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm
  • Where: The Sleepy Hollow Community Building, 16801 Rosemary Lane
    Chino Hills, CA 91709
Fire safe council

Responsibilities and Services

The Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council formed in 2001 under the supervision and support of the Chino Valley Fire District. The goal of developing a community-based fire education and prevention program focused on community partnerships that address wildfire risk and control tactics.

Since its inception, the residents of Carbon Canyon have taken an active role with the fire district in mitigating fire hazards by maintaining defensible space and educating each other on fire threats and safety. For these efforts, the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council has been recognized as a FIREWISE Community by the FIREWISE Communities USA, which is a product of the National Fire Protection Association.


The national FIREWISE Communities program is intended to serve as a resource for agencies, tribes, organizations, fire departments, and communities across the U.S. who are working toward a common goal: reduce loss of lives, property, and resources to wildland fire by building and maintaining communities in a way that is compatible with our natural surroundings. Its goal is to encourage and acknowledge action that minimizes home loss to wildfire and teaches residents to prepare for a fire before it occurs. There are currently only 35 communities in the state of California and only 595 nationwide that have attained this status.

Annual Fair

Each year, the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council hosts a Wildfire Awareness Fair that is directed toward wildland fire safety and preparedness. There are numerous exhibitors assigned with information on preparedness, fire safe products, and landscaping.

Partnership with the City of Brea

In February 2009, residents from the City of Brea attended a Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council meeting in Chino Hills to learn more about wildland fire dangers and how to protect themselves. This partnership was born from a shared desire to preserve life, property, and vegetation in Carbon Canyon. The meeting came just three months after the devastating Freeway Complex Fire burned in the Chino Hills and Brea area. Today, there are over 20 active members on the Fire Safe Council, 10 of which are from Brea.